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Safer Spaces

Clean air is the single most precious commoditiy on our planet. It is essential to all aspects or our lives, from the classroom,  to the waiting room, to the boardroom.

This is why at AirRefinery, we strive to provide healthier indoor spaces through applied technology. Our first product puts your HVAC system to use fighting pathogens such as Covid-19, Tuberculosis, and other airborne pathogens by integrating high dose UV-C lamps into your HVAC air returns.

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Chief Executive Officer

Vince is a serial entrepreneur and brings over 30 years of experience building teams and driving innovative products and services to market. He played a key role in taking Picazo Communications from concept, growing the company through three acquisitions, and selling the company to Intel Corporation within three years for $110 million. After the acquisition, Corning was promoted to the role of Director of Strategic Marketing where he represented his business unit in the co-management of a $250 million-dollar Intel Capital investment fund. CEO & Founder of MyLinuxSupport, Inc, Founder of RogueScience.Me and CTO of Nusantao, Inc

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